CBD Asylum.


Although CBD is completely legal, safe & healthy to consume, major advertising platforms such as Facebook, Instagram & Google ads don’t allow ads to run for CBD products.

This represented a real challenge to grow the brand. Therefore, we had to think outside of the box and come up with a strategy that would ensure the brand would flourish via organic activity.


  1. Affiliate marketing: we carried out a full analysis of the CBD industry and created a high-performance affiliate program. This involved competitor analysis and an affiliate discovery process to identify the most relevant and influential publishers across the web & Youtube. We then onboarded these affiliates and co-published content to promote the brand in the best ways possible.

  2. SEO: through technical SEO, keyword optimisation, content planning and UX improvements, CBD Asylum has seen considerable organic performance improvements and significant increases in keyword rankings. Need proof? Just search “CBD Sweets” on Google 😉


372% increase in overall sales revenue

24% increase in website conversion rate

91% increase in organic search traffic

63% increase in customer retention