Grow Your eCommerce Business with Pinterest

Most people are likely to have heard the word Pinterest at least once in their lifetime, whether they know what the platform does or not. 

Pinterest is an extremely popular, American based platform and social media service that allows the sharing, saving and finding of images on the internet. But, what is so special about Pinterest is the fact that it allows you to create something called ‘Pins’. 

‘Pins’ are mood boards, inspiration or just an aesthetically pleasing group of images that you can create to use for a large variety of different things.


This can range from Home inspiration to hair styles, to tattoo’s to holiday destinations. The discovery of pinterest is endless and is used by a variety of different people all over the world. 

In fact, in August 2019, Pinterest reported that they have 300 million monthly active users. It is also the second largest source of social media traffic to Shopify stores. So if you have never heard of Pinterest before now, we suggest you crawl out of the rock you’ve been hiding under for the last few years. 

So, what exactly does this mean when it comes to the growth of your E-commerce business? 

It means with it’s millions of active users, reaching a large variety of people nationally and internationally, there is not really any better platform to begin growing your E-commerce business, especially because the users are directed through pinterest onto your own website directly. 

Let’s use an example. Someone is scrolling through pinterest and they see a lamp that they love, they have wanted this lamp for as long as they can remember but they just cannot find it anywhere, well they’ve found it on pinterest and once they have found that image they can purchase within seconds by clicking the integrated link and arriving at the heart of your businesses, your web page. 

Industries that are amongst the arts and crafts sectors are highly likely to thrive from the use of pinterest. In fact, the official most popular items on pInterest are craft, flowers, food, drinks, gifts and apparel companies.

In terms of audience, Pinterest is predominately made up of women users, 80% of users are women. However, the ever growing male audience is proving a great hit in popularising a larger variety of e-commerce sites. 

So as you can see, all companies, by following the steps outlined below, thrive when using pinterest as a marketing platform for e-commerce businesses…  

Top 10 ways to grow your eCommerce business through Pinterest 

Choose your key words wisely 

Pinterest is essentially a visual search engine, meaning the key words that you use in the image description will determine how high up the ranking your image will appear. 

Similarly, if you were to make a website, you would research relevant keywords in order for your website to be successful and have a high ranking in google. This applies the same to pinterest content. 

Invest time and money into your photographer and/or photography equipment 

Pinterest is heavily visual and people are drawn to and click on the most aesthetically pleasing images they see.

This is mainly achieved with good quality camera equipment so whether you’re externally sourcing your photographer or have an inhouse camera man, make sure your pictures are clear and crisp and your colours are vibrant and stand out. 

Add share pins 

When customers are browsing your website, give them the stand-out opportunity to check you out on social media platforms, including pinterest. This will not only begin to create a customer-consumer relationship but it will also put the customer directly on your socials footstep, being to one click away from a new follower and adding them to the huge marketing platform that is pinterest. 

Add pins 

When customers click onto the pinterest icon, it will take them to the pinterest platform where they can save and share what they have found. 

By doing this you are increasing the chance of people finding you on pinterest that may not have reached you through the platform in an alternative way. 

If your website is hosted on wordpress, use widgets to be able to automatically add a pin button to all of your product pages. 

Add a call to action (CTA) on your product pages 

Add a CTA on your page that says something along the lines of… ‘not ready to buy yet, click here to save your idea’. 

By adding this you will instantly increase clicks and traffic to your pinterest, all organically too!

Add ‘shop the look’ pins

Pinterest is always evolving and continuously adapting for its users. ‘Shop the look’ pins are a new introduction of pinterest that keeps the user hooked for a little while longer. When a user clicks onto an image, pinterest will then show the user other images and pins that are similar to the image the user has selected. 

White dots will appear on the images that are available to purchase on pinterest. 

White ‘90 degree angle’ shapes appear in four corners to amplify a certain image or item. E.g if the user is looking for a chair pinterest will allow the user to just focus on that chair and then on the right hand side of the screen will begin to load other chairs that are of a similar essence. 

According to the official pinterest site, 84% people use pinterest for motivation when deciding what to buy and 98% have tried something new because of what they have seen on pinterest. It is therefore a great marketing strategy to add shopping icons to your pinterest platform to take the user directly to your site to make a purchase. Here’s how…

‘Shop the look pins’ are added by using pinterests ‘tagging tool’ to create new pins. As these are created, tag each of your images with links to take users directly to your product pages. 

Creating pins on a larger scale is easy too, just use Curolate or Olapic to create pins, but on a much larger scale. 

Create boards based on the category of the product 

What’s the best way to attract an organised pinterest user (aka every pinterest user), make your own boards organised and neat to accentuate user experience. Everyone that uses pinterest loves organisation so in order to attract people to your pins, a great way to do this is by organising your pins by category or product that you want to sell or promote. 

Increase reach through group boards 

If you aren’t getting a lot of recent activity on your pinterest account, it might be beneficial for you to join group boards. This is an effective way to attract new and active users and to get your content out there! 

It is simple and not very time consuming as all you have to do is simply request access to group boards that share similar content , once accepted you then have a great opportunity to begin sharing your content with an array of people. 

Schedule pins at peak times 

Just like other social media posts, posting a pin at a peak time will increase the amount of traffic you will begin to see flowing through your page. 

Obviously, where you are in the world, or where you’re aiming to target will make this time and day vary, however for UK marketing, Tuesday and Thursday evening is a peak time to send out a social media post. 

It is a good idea to research this using a quick google search however before sending out the post. 

Share complimentary pins 

Like growing any social media platform, you have to create a community in order to surge your platform forward and get it recognised by the public. 

This does not necessarily mean that you have to go out and share and support your competitors content, but rather share content that shows value in your brand to enhance it and gain support from other complimentary businesses.

For example, if you pin recyclable waste as well as against dermatological product testing on animals, your audience will automatically picture you as a sustainable and green company, if that goes along with the imagery of your brand. 

By doing this you are demonstrating to your audience what your values are and this way they will get a better feel of what the brand is about and what your company’s ethics are based around. 

Final Word

We highly recommend that you consider the use of pinterest for future eCommerce success. Although the platform is relatively new to the world, it has already gained masses of active customers that are ever growing. 

Pinterest makes it easy that ever for retailers to get exposure due to the image heavy platform, bringing them traffic directly onto your site. 

But pinterest offers more than just an online shopping experience, but also the opportunity for customers to get a feel for your brand, through your pins and group activity. These features are on Pinterest for you to take full advantage of and allows customers to get to know you on a deeper level than just the few words and images that are available on your website. 

So what are you waiting for? We highly believe that pinterest is the marketing platform of the future, so get your foot in the door quickly to be not just one step ahead of the game… but 6 steps ahead. 

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